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Welcome to the Dacula Athletic Association Web Site. The Dacula Athletic Association (DAA) is a nonprofit voluntary organization dedicated to providing a positive and safe instructional sports environment for the youth of the community of Dacula, GA. Our Association now serves more than two thousand families and four thousand children and continues to grow every year. We have created this web site to help provide you with the information we feel is important in order to make your sports season happy and rewarding.DAA, as with all of the associations in Gwinnett County, is allowed to operate under the general guidance of the Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation Division, and we must abide by the rules and policies set forth by Parks and Rec. Our home park is Dacula Park, located at 205 Dacula Road and across the street from Dacula High School.  Situated on 51 acres in central Dacula, this expanded park hosts an outdoor pool, six softball/baseball fields, a free-standing football field, concession/restroom facilities, the Cleve Langley community room, picnic pavilion, two playgrounds, outdoor education area, sand volleyball court, new public library and a 1.4-mile, paved multi-purpose trail after a complete renovation a few years back. We operate spring, fall and winter sports. We offer baseball and softball in the spring and fall, football and cheerleading in the fall, and a winter basketball season. Check page for the next sports available for registration.
  • 10.21.20166:00 PM

    HENSON VS. Practice

    Dacula Baseball Park - Dacula Field 3
  • 10.21.20166:15 PM

    Nembhard VS. Parsons

    Dacula Park - Field 6
  • 10.21.20167:00 PM

    PLUMADORE VS. Practice

    Dacula Baseball Park - Dacula Field 3
  • 10.21.20167:45 PM

    Crane VS. SHILOH

    Dacula Park - Field 6
  • 10.22.20169:00 AM

    Cain VS. Melson

    Dacula Park - Field 7
  • 10.22.20169:30 AM

    HORNE VS. Daniels

    Bogan Park - Field 1
  • 10.22.20169:30 AM

    MCNEIL VS. Roszell

    Bogan Park - Field 7
  • 10.22.201610:00 AM

    Nembhard VS. LABREC

    Dacula Park - Field 6
  • 10.22.201610:30 AM

    Chastain VS. Harris

    Dacula Park - Field 7
  • 10.22.201611:00 AM

    MORRIS VS. Goodman

    Bogan Park - Field 7

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